(from the Ancient Greek: ἡδονή / hēdonḗ, “pleasure”, and the suffix -ισμός / -ismós) is a Greek philosophical doctrine according to which the pursuit of pleasure is the purpose of human existence.



The Concept

Ultimate personalisation

Driven by a passion for Porsche, and all exceptional vehicles, Serge Heitz is taking things even further...
HEDONIC, a unique concept in personalisation, is now available to you.
Customisation allows you to personalise your machine, boat or belongings...
Our team, which is supported by the best craftspeople, will be at your disposal to make your machine Unique.
With HEDONIC, you will take part in the process.
HEDONIC is more than just aesthetics, it's technological innovation.
It's certified machines which are personalised by appointment in our concept store...
Come along and choose and order your machine, which will be Unique.

-●——●− Our cars

HEDONIC marries the beauty of old with the latest technology.
The original mechanics are carefully taken out and preserved so as not to affect the car's historic value.
Our engine mechanics, who came to us straight from the best teams of Formula 1 technicians, enable you to drive an old car every day.
These completely new abd revolutionary engine adaptations are adjusted to the individual's driving style.
Christoph Pfeifhofer from the Porsche Museum in Gmünd works closely together with us on the development of engines and mechanics for our sports cars.

The sheen on our bodywork is the fruit of intensive research.
HEDONIC colors respect the aesthetics of our Machines as much as possible.
The paints are worked by hand by our crafspeople.

When it comes to upholstery, we offer a choice of materials, leathers, alcantara, stitching and leather engraving. Our materials are worked and fashioned..

The HEDONIC concept also offers maximum accessorisation with butons, dashboards, and special treatment of chrome.

Our motorbikes ●—●

HEDONIC is a  style, but above all, it's Technical Innovation.

Braking, exhaust technology, revolutionary handlebars... all of the original parts were reinvented in 2016 to offer you driving comfort which combines aestheticism and technology.
Each colour is unique to each model.
The upholstery and the styling and design work give them a unique look.
These technical developments will add impact to collections.

Your machine can evolve in line with new technical and aesthetic innovations.

Our motorbikes are certified to the latest Euro 4 standard.

These accessible, certified machines are personalised by appointment at our concept store.
Come along and choose and order your machine, which will be Unique!!

And ALSO...
Boats, longboards, surfboards...
Our Designs can be transposed to anything!


Enter a unique place in the heart of the Hedonic universe.
Motorcycles, Autos, Amphibians, Scooters, Mobility Skate according to Hedonic

You will also find all the accessories to accompany you every day (photo, sound, technology, ready to wear, food & drink, motorcycle helmets, bike & skate, painters, skate, and many more ...)
Our concept store welcomes you from Monday to Saturday from 10h to 13h and from 15h to 19H at 13 Avenue General De Gaulle in Lège Cap Ferret.