" The main goal with Hedonic is to offer you the ultimate pleasure to possess a motorbike or a car fashionned from your own image, a unique objet which symbolizes the tailor made concept to its extreme meaning." 
Serge Heitz

During the first meeting, we will define your expectations in order to start the through process of transforming your machine.

You would like a car or a motorbike. We will guide you through to make the most accurate choice depending upon your needs, your driving desires and your aesthetics tastes.

Once this decision made, your machine's customization starts.

Through another personalized meeting, you will access to the options, materials, colors, engraving...

Our available options catalogue will become richer along with the collections.
You will make HEDONIC yours....

Within our concept store based in Cap Ferret, you will find a dedicated univers where inspiration will come and bring your project to life.

Please contact our teams to start your HEDONIC ADVENTURE!!!

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