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We marry skill with know-how to offer you the most innovative products.

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Beoplay _

The brand of Bang & Olufsen, a trailblazer in its field, is a perfect fit with our requirement for accessorisation.
The superb BEO PLAY A1 and A2 Bluetooth speakers are already a feature of our machines.
The A1 model is incorporated into our Neo Motorbikes. Colour-matched, with incomparable design and impeccable sound quality, it's the perfect complement to our machines.
The A2 speaker elegantly and intelligently replaces the period radio, which retains its place...but not its function.
A special box has been created to accomodate them in our HEDONIC 356.

Ludovic Lazareth _

Our partnership with the French manufacturer Lazareth gives every motorbike in the NEO collection its own individual and unique character.
Ludovic Lazareth started out by preparing cars and motorbikes. Later, over the years, he switched to prototyping and making execptional vehicles. He qualified from the Espera Sbarro School in 1992 and is regarded as a disciple of France Sbarro (Italian-Swiss automobile designer).

José Figueres _

José Figueres gained a master in Transport Design at the "Ecole Supérieur de Design Industriel" (CREAPOLE-ESDI) in Paris and furthered his education at the Espera Sbarro School.
For nearly 10 years, he worked as an Integrated Designer and then a Design Manager at various companies in the composites, automotive and watchmaking industries.
In 2011, he created a design studio called JFDesign, where he offers all of his expertise in three main professions:
Transport Design, Product Design and Visual Identity